I am a self-taught Belgium based photographer. My aim is to create art. The goal is to achieve stylistically different shots with dynamic angles, punchy colors and extreme sharpness.I have a 25-year background in graphic arts which gave me sound technical knowledge and creative excellence. 
My primary weapon of choice is a Nikon D800 and a Nikon 600mm f/4 which allows me to capture tight closeups. I provide content to a number of associations and commercial ventures. I’ve had my work published in numerous websites,magazines and journals. I regularly supply images to pilots and air shows across Europe. 
I have a day job and a supportive girlfriend and young daughter. When not spending time with my family, I am jetting around Europe attending as many air shows as I can.
I am a photographer in love with flight.
We design spaces that inspire, we build dynamic relationships that endure. We regard our clients as partners, and value their voices and insight in the design process.